Intimidation from technological lapses – Part 6

Having backup is one IT detail that matters

Organisations are still making elementary mistakes by not recognising this basic fact

It have been witness many times to organisations that have lost their data, while others have been busy with recovering such data for a long time.

Some of them have lost their work completely due to deletion of data by an employee’s oversight, a fire, or a ransomware attack. Only a few have learnt from this and began to follow necessary procedures to protect the most important thing they have.

Therefore, it is vital to keep backups of the data and create alternative servers for the most important programmes on an independent network, whose task is limited to performing the backup. Also, it is important to adopt the strongest protection against ransomware and other viruses, with systematic isolation of the network servers from employees’ computers.

Simultaneously, activate all protection systems on their computers and prevent the use of any type of flash drives without a careful scan of the contents. It is important to keep backup servers in a different place as well, and there is no harm in using cloud services either from service providers or private companies in the UAE.

The issue has been there for long, but every CEO or owner of an institution should ask his team about business continuity plans, follow up on the recovery of important data tests, and review technical auditors’ reports.

Folly of not detecting

Some institutions are lenient when it comes to installing systems to track who accessed files on servers, who has the permissions, and also in recording what was accessed and who deleted, and to activate a recovery system. These systems are inexpensive and important to all.

Keep attending those courses

The right foundation in the field of IT is beyond question, as no tower can stand without foundations. Students, graduates, and those waiting for a job waste a lot of time when it comes to furthering their future careers. Today, the offers out there are many, so be careful about the selection of new tech skills.

I prefer those that would enable organisations to build on these foundations. Thus, the period to acquire practical experiences becomes faster and the performance gets better.

Be selective

One of the points to note when taking in these tech courses is to move away from those associated with the names of devices such as Cisco and Juniper as well as specialized systems other than Microsoft servers because they are from being core foundations.

Specialized cloud services such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cloud services are also vendor-related. You can attend the courses, whether through a physical presence or remotely via YouTube, powerful sites such as Udemy and other sites. The most important basic training from the CompTIA Courses group are the A+ course for computer components, Network+, Server+, Cloud+, and Security+.

These courses must be attended in an order to be of maximum benefit. There are others we will talk about in later articles. But this set gives you a stepping stone into the world of information systems. Of course, whoever applies for a job after enrolling in these courses will surely be more accomplished.

Stop this reliance

Some organisations and individuals adopt blurry platforms for live broadcasts, such as Instagram, Twitter, Zoom, and Team for one reason or another. If it is necessary to broadcast or save the video to your YouTube channel, the effort made on those platforms that are not specialized in videos can be lost within the folds of tweets and Instagram photos.

Some platforms can broadcast on several sites at the same time, with many possibilities and additions. Just search for them.

Don’t allow any exploitation of website

Some remain unaware of how to obtain a “domain” that you type into the browser to access the website. They also do not know that this domain has a control panel, a password, and an authorized email. The owner has to make the purchase, keep the data, and renew it annually or according to the period he desires, as non-renewal means losing the website completely.

He must also allow the shop overseeing the design to temporarily access and activate the site. After that, the owner must change the password, keep his domain information, and realize his email is the primary means for the process of recovery.

If the domain owner wants to reserve the space in which he places the site, he can do so at a low price, approximately $100 a year. Some sites that provide purchasing domain and hosting are nic.ae, which provides domain reservation for “ae” across the UAE, goDaddy.com, bluehost.com, and others for web hosting and international domains such as .net. com .me .shop.

It is preferable to get website hosting with two inbuilt factors, which are the availability of high-speed SSDs and cPanel control panel that will make managing the site much easier.

The curse of fake accounts

All those who might be tempted to create fake accounts to ignite strife and insult must be aware that their true identity will surely be revealed and they will have no escape from prosecution. We are in a country of law that does not like gossip or stirring strife and prejudices.

Whoever does not learn the lesson from others, the Cybercrimes Law will act as a lookout. So the end up laughing a little and crying a lot.

– Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.