Intimidation from technological lapses – Part 5

Let’s not over complicate apps, software
Rule of thumb is to make do with a three-step in and out process on such usage
The app clutter is the undoing for many… Keep technology and its uses as easily accessible as possible.

In the previous commentary, we talked about the diversity of the key functions at any IT department, and that each function has a different specialisation that must not be confused.
Given that a dentist is not the one who performs spinal surgery, not everyone in the tech department can be entrusted with the task of programming applications and managing the software needs of an institution. Yet, most institutions are not interested in appointing programmers – and instead wait for the mirage to turn into water.
Which is why the presence of a programmer or a programming team – as well as the presence of a whole section of programmers according to the size of the institution – is like watering a parched land so that it grows plants and produces fruits.
With the correct use of programmers, you can take the institution to advanced levels, innovate with new services and develop useful potential. Don’t be tempted by the availability of software in the market or companies, as “nothing scratches your skin but your own nail”.
Programmers’ innovations have transformed entities into great organisations that offer interconnected electronic services that complement each other. Such stages can only be achieved by appointing programmers, guiding them, providing them with work plans related to the institution’s strategy, opening the way for them by innovation, continuous development via courses and new methods of programming and development, and giving access to designers to add a touch of beauty to the programmes and apps.

Burden of too complex programming
Software, apps and websites are designed to make it easier for people to do their things and reduce or eliminate their need to visit institutions, thus lessening the pressure on institutions of having to deal with frequent visits by clients. The more complex programmes and apps are, the fewer will people rely on them.
There are examples of apps that you never wish to return due to poor design and endless complexities. Some of them isolate themselves, stay away from other institutions, and refuse to enter into comprehensive apps that can serve cities and everyone.
They also refuse to open the way for companies and individuals who wish to create special service apps that save the institutions on investments and follow-up, especially if they are limited in human, technical or financial resources. One of the major mistakes is to find applications that require entering a huge amount of data and attaching documents and papers just to conduct a simple transaction, such as a renewal or a simple query.
Poor design and lack of coherence in services shows weakness in the management of the organisation, because this is considered an interface. E-services require the use of all means to bring data automatically – the procedures in it should not exceed three steps and with the lowest number of entries, especially after launching the UAEpass service.

Don’t blame oversight for leaving phones and laptop in closed cars
The batteries of smartphones, laptops, and other devices are damaged in weather above 45 degrees, and the damage sustained may be permanent. It can shorten battery life or lead to damage or other terrible consequences.

Be rid of old ceiling hugging speakers
Some homeowners like to install speakers in rooms for one reason or another – this is an outdated system. Today, Google Home and Amazon Alexa can perform this role with greater intelligence and value. For example, Google Home devices can be installed in the rooms, and they come in many shapes and designs, and with or without a screen.
The latter can be placed in servants’ quarters so that you can call them using any other device you have. You can also make a sharing group for these devices, so that you can play any video from YouTube or other websites on all of them at the same time.
There are also many other uses for these devices with more than 101 voice commands, starting from showing the weather conditions, time and date to recording appointments, alerts, and simultaneous translation into the language of workers or any other, solving questions, knowing prayer times, monitoring home cameras, and much more.

Stop treating Bluetooth headsets as permanent accessories
There is no doubt that Bluetooth headsets produce radiation 1,000 times less than the smartphone because the distance to be travelled often does not exceed 10 metres, while the phone needs several kilometres to reach the nearest transmitting/receiving antenna. Therefore, it is preferable to use the speakerphone rather than using the phone for long periods.
Bluetooth headsets are better than using the phone directly – but it should not be worn like earrings all the time and the sound should never be raised. It should be used only when needed, and wire headsets are still better than them.
It is also better to use the external speaker system for both the phone and the car. This does not mean that there is a great risk from all of this, as the studies are numerous and the results are mixed. But it is necessary to pay attention and be cautious as much as possible.

– Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai based tech specialist.

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