Intermediation from technological lapses Part 11

UAE’s innovations will not stop with Mars

But within homes, there should be constant monitoring of tech and its ways

Ahmed Al Zarouni, Special to Gulf News

When there is confidence, hope, knowledge, and constant pursuit within a clear plan, there will – undoubtedly – be success.

We have a great and recent examples of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center, beginning with the creation of Dubai Sat-1, Dubai Sat-2, the preparation for the Hope Probe project that will reach Mars in 2021, the launch of KhalifaSat and Nayif-1, the two astronauts Hazzaa Al Mansoori and Dr. Sultan Al Neyadi, and the historical achievement of touching down at the International Space Station in 2019.

Creating an environment of scientists, experts, and specialists in space science among the sons of the UAE is a great message of hope for every Arabs and Muslims that there is nothing impossible. Everyone can achieve and innovate – all that is required is confidence, hope, adopting science and knowledge along with the necessary skills, striving tirelessly on strategy and planning, and putting a fixable dynamic plan that contains in-built options for every milestone so that you never need to stop.

Don’t pay attention to the mood spoilers who spread corruption everywhere; don’t worry about the frustrated; and do not look at the environment around you, whatever it may be. Commit yourself to continue in the way of developing useful and beneficial hope.

Right sort of gaming

We are still poor in Arabic web content at all technical levels in general, and one of the biggest content gaps exist in electronic games. I don’t mean we should be spending time translating the games or dubbing them, which would be great.

What we lack is the presence of skilled electronic gaming production studios. This reminds me of Gulf states’ Joint Programme Production, an institution that has left an impact in the hearts of millions. We hope there will be institutions and studios that produce useful and richly presented games and which will be available on all platforms. We know the gaming market is profitable and the ideas that can stem from it are limitless.

Hot chargers

Unfortunately, the compatibility differences between smartphone companies – and even within a company – has led to spec variances on mobile chargers, their power, the wattage, and the technology it uses. Although the majority adopts the USB-C port, the amount and speed of power vary from one cable to another and from one adapter to another.

Everyone evades the USB PD standard specs that allows up to 100 watts. There is a big difference between the charger included in the box and the higher performance one sold separately for the same phone.

This trend has begun to increase the fragmentation and frustration in the market, as there are also speculations about stopping the inclusion of the charger with the phones. You have to buy it separately and any such move will surely increase the confusion.

One of the disadvantages is that when charging the phone with a charger that is not compatible with it, it may give you 100 per cent charge, but in fact, you find it loses its power faster. And the charging period is much longer than when you use the proper version.

Spread the word

Writing reinforces knowledge, develops skills, and enlarges perceptions. It is also nice to see the ranks of writers being added, penning their thoughts on their areas of specialty, whether it’s technology, marketing, or any other vertical.

You can write on several websites such as WordPress, Blogger, or even the distinguished Emirati LinkConnects platform “linkconnects.com”. Rationalize your thoughts and ideas, then make a move and start writing, as it adds to the fun and makes a statement that will benefit others.

Don’t go lower than 720p

Many lament that there were no pictures or videos of them from their past, or that the quality is poor, especially when filming videos. Make sure the quality is of 1080p at 30 or 60 fps or more, or at the very least 720p with 60 fps, so that you can return to the video even after a lot of time has elapsed and restore your beautiful memories.

The world has now reached 8K and 12K, but filming at this quality is costly in terms of storage. The highest easily available quality today is 4K with 60 fps, and high-end phones now can provide 8K as well.

Mind the viewing

A lot of people have concerns about the unwritten agenda of many of the video-on-demand platforms, the negative effects they have for society, and the promotion of deviation from traditions of a conservative society. and There is a need to look into the propagation of many of the degraded beliefs and behaviors these movies and series contain.

If we were to consider the messages hidden within these productions, I can list them on dozens of pages. Everybody has to be careful and watch out for the seditious messaging – don’t leave it unguarded with children. Follow up, monitor, offer constant guidance and warn of any spreading of deviations, malicious ideas, and heresies.

–      Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.