Technical Thinking

Three Sections In One Book

Technical ideas for individuals
Tech ideas for society
Technology ideas for businesses

There are many challenges, requirements, and technical capabilities, and we all need to know what can be done in a simple and easy way directed at everyone.

More than 210 practical technical ideas that will develop your life The book includes many ideas, tips and technical alerts that benefit different segments of society regardless of their various specializations because the content is very simplified for ease of enabling readers to obtain a summary of information in a concise and easy way, the book is for all groups and for all people and useful in all Home, institution, school and university. The book includes three main sections: for everyone, for individuals, and for institutions; All of which benefit almost all readers. The content may actually speak, but the idea is the same. Knowing the most important details and rationales is the desired goal of the book, which has gathered practical experience for more than 20 years in this field in an intense and in-depth manner. In this new second edition 75% new content has been added with enhanced avatars and many previous ideas have been updated and enhanced in an all-new design

Not only useful, but I consider it necessary for everyone because it deals with important and practical details in our lives in a simple way. A new book in the way it presents and communicates the idea.
Dr. Habib Al Mulla

I usually do not like books with technical content and do not attract me at all, but the book "Technical Thinking" provided information in an easy way that serves our lives as individuals who are not familiar with technology and guides and benefits.
Dr. Maysa Rashid Al Ghadeer

A valuable technical publication worth reading.
Sheikh Haitham bin Saqr Al Qasimi

The book contains many and varied information, and is dominated by simplicity in conveying the information, which makes it easy to handle for everyone, regardless of whether they are technicians or others.
Ahmed Al-Ahmad - Chairman of CIOMajlis

A book full of interest that did not lack in fun and ease.
Dr. Sultan Al Shamrani

It combines a lot of invaluable advice to keep pace with modern technology.
Ahmed Al-Saqqaf

A valuable book that I benefited a lot from.
Ahmed Saeed Al-Jarwan

The book is excellent and one of the reference books to which one returns from time to time. I congratulate you on this version and God is greater than you.
Dr. Hamad Al Hammadi

I liked the book very much, easy and clear language, without pretension or elaboration, it gives you advice between encouragement and caution in the field of various technologies
Saeed Al Kaabi

I finished the book and to be honest, a great technical dose. I wish you good luck and look forward to more releases.
Dr. Sultan Al Neyadi

Available now in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar via Amazon UAE with sipping fee of 22AED approximately.


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